Serviços de controle web e gerenciamento de instalações

Controle web e terceirização de serviços para seus servidores dedicados

As the management of your servers may exceed your available time or your technical skills, you can subscribe to two types of outsourcing offers, designed for your dedicated server. The following outsourcing providers have been certified by Online SAS primarily as a result of the recommendations they received from Scaleway Dedibox customers.
These certified outsourcers benefit from privileged access to Scaleway's tools and resources. Nevertheless, you can use an outsourcing company that is not certified by Scaleway*.

Servidores GNU/Linux

Servidores Microsoft® Windows®

* Subscribing to an outsourcing offer, whether or not it comes from a Scaleway certified outsourcing provider, is not mandatory to benefit from Scaleway Dedibox dedicated servers. Scaleway declines any responsibility regarding the subscription or non-subscription to an outsourcing service and cannot be held responsible for this service.