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PRO-5-L Availability


Datacenter location DC5 (France)
<title>SEPA</title> <title>Mastercard</title> <title>CB</title> <title>American Express</title> <title>Visa</title> <title>PayPal</title>

Additional Server Options

Supercharge your BareMetal server your with our premium configuration options.

Starting at €4.99 /month


Securely backup your Dedibox via the RPN interface and avoid network degradation on your public interface. RPN-RSYNC provides different storage offers that you access and manage your backup using the Rsync protocole with RPN-RSYNC.

RSYNC 200GB €4.99 /month
RSYNC 500GB €9.99 /month
€1.99 /month

Additional IPs

Leverage multiple IP addresses and implement a high availability failover solution for your infrastructure.

Set-up Fees €2.99


RPNv2 provides a new networking approach and give you more flexibility to operate your RPN environment.

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Starting at €35.00 /month

Business service

Choose the business service level and get a 99.95% SLA and under 20 minutes response time guarantee 24x7 by ticket and phone. The business service level also allows you to get access to more features to unleash your server performances.


RPNv2 provides a new networking approach and give you more flexibility to operate your RPN environment.

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Advanced DDOS protection

Prevent your server to go down. The advanced DDoS protection provides the availability to add custom filters and detection rules, an 1 hour interview with a dedicated engineer to efficiently deploy the service and Arbor® statistics reports via APIs or the online control panel.

Manufacturer Online Labs
Processor AMD EPYC™ 7281 1x AMD EPYC™ 7281
1 CPU - 16C/32T - 2.1 GHz
cache L3 32MB, x64
Memory 96 GB DDR4 ECC
Storage 2x 1 TB NVMe
RAID RAID 0/1 Software
Connectivity Premium 750 Mbit/s
Traffic Unmetered
IPv4 addresses 1 IPv4 address
IPv6 addresses bloc /48
Additional IP (failover)
DDOS Protection <title>Ok</title>
Real Private Network (RPN) (Business)
Datacenter Datacenter DC5 (Paris)
100Gb FTP Backup <title>Ok</title> Included
750Gb FTP Backup + €4.99 /month
Technical assistance Email and phone - 24 hours/7 days a week
Availability rate 99.9% global
Operating systems available via Online installer
Rescue System <title>Ok</title>
Remote reboot <title>Ok</title>
Hardware KVM over IP <title>Ok</title>
200GB RPN-RSYNC backup €4.99 /month
500GB RPN-RSYNC backup €9.99 /month
Premium technical assistance <title>Ok</title>
Additional IP (failover)

First answer time: 20 min

Availability rate 99.95% global
RPNv2 10 Gbit/s
Private network upgrade RPN G (10 Gbit/s) Included
Advanced DDOS protection
Arbor Networks
+ €20.00

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Your questions answered

How am I billed?

All our BareMetal servers are billed per month.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, CB and American Express, SEPA and PayPal.

What is Online RPN?

RPN is an Online service to interconnect your infrastructure in a secure and private way.

You define affinity groups and bound servers in the groups of your choice so they can communicate with each other in an physically isolated network.

Do you offer backups?


You can backup your data using Dedibackup, our backup platform offering different plans and available via FTP.

What is RPN-SAN?

RPN-SAN lets you scale your Dedibox storage by adding additional volumes from 1TB, and up to 10TB to suit your database, file storage, and backup needs.

All your volumes data are transmitted over the RPN isolated networks and available in iSCSI.

Can I get additional IPs for my server?

For each of your server, you can add failover IP address(es) according to your server specifications and your service level.

Your addtional IPs can be routed at any time to your servers via the control panel or the API.

Which operating systems are available?

We offer a large choice of operating systems, you can get the full list at the following address

What is the transfer limit?

There is no transfer limit, transfer is unlimited.

Do you offer protection against DDoS attacks?

Our network is protected by standard anti-DDoS system. You can also get an advanced and curative ddos protection.

For more information checkout

Where are your datacenters located?

  • Our own datacenters, located near Paris, France.
  • Amsterdam, Netherland.