Online Database Service, our managed database service

High performance database infrastructure for any workload

Incredibly fast

ODS provides a fully managed runtime environment for your databases in a all-SSD platform. This way, you get incredibly fast performances and just have to focus on your apps while we ensure your databases is always up & running.

Easy to use

Deploy and manage your databases via a simple API or the Online control panel. Create, backup, restore and import your databases with just a few clicks!

Reliable and secure

ODS natively provides a reliable and secure network access to your databases. You connect your databases via the Online RPN technology which provides a publicly isolated interface to inter-connect with your existing servers or web hosting solutions.

Simple pricing

Storage and RAM are bundled into one unique and simple price

  • 0 GB RAM
  • 0 GB SSD
  • 0 Dedicated cores

Operate with Confidence

Multiple databases

ODS supports multiple open source databases. Deploy and run your MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB and MongoDB databases in one and unique place.

Daily backup

ODS offers automated backups that runs everyday with a retention time of 45 days. At any time, each backup can be downloaded and used to restore your database.

Import & Export

Import & Export feature are designed to transport your data within a ODS database in seconds. User, role, password, data and indexes information are kept untouched so you do not waste any time.


phpMyAdmin is available for all plans so you can administrate your MySQL and test your SQL queries over a web interface you already know.

Easy migration

Dynamically scale up your databases in seconds. ODS comes with easy RAM migration and lets you resize your ODS instance with a click.

SSD Performances

ODS is backed by insanely fast, datacenter-grade disks, which means that you don't have to be scared of SSD disks that slow down and fail over time. You get the best, without compromise.

ODS 16GB - QPS (Queries per seconds)
Read Only

Read Only : 270 534 QPS


Read+Write : 216 065 QPS

0150 000300 000
ODS 16GB - TPS (Transactions per seconds)
Read Only

Read Only : 19 323 TPS


Read+Write : 11 343 TPS

010 00020 000

Simple pricing

Storage and RAM are bundled into one unique and simple price

  • 0 GB RAM
  • 0 GB SSD
  • 0 Dedicated cores


Does ODS takes care to backup my databases?

Yes! your databases are backed up every day.

Click on the Backups link on the control panel to access, download or restore your backups.

Why should I use ODS?

With ODS, you don't have to manage or control the underlying database infrastructure.

You operate and control everything while we make sure your database infrastructure is up and running.

What bundle should I choose?

If you're not sure, we recommend that you start small and work your way up.

You can backup your database and import it to a larger bundle at any time, so there's no pressure.

How much does ODS cost?

All the ODS bundles are billed on a monthly basis and have a fix pricing.

This makes ODS pricing easy to understand.

Where is my data hosted?

The ODS platform is deployed in our own datacenters, DC2 and DC3, all located near Paris, France.