Physically consolidate your server farm with RPN

Principle of operation

The RPN is a dedicated and private network, connected to the second network interface of your server.
This network provides high performance with very low latency and support of jumbo frames as standard.
You can easily regroup your servers within your private network with a few clicks, regardless of their number or physical location.

In practice

Many applications require, for reasons of security and performance, a dedicated private network. Such as storage technologies or Hadoop clusters.
Your applications can exchange data in a safe way without using the public network adapter, with a very high level of security.
Your servers can safely exchange data, through your network, separated and connected through your second network interface.

The Technical Solution

Online has deployed its RPN network through Juniper, based on the Ethernet switch from the EX2200, EX3300 and EX4500 series.
Of course, that network is fully managed by Online, independent of the public network, and has no interconnection to the Internet.

A full-scale high-end service