Online by Scaleway offers you a wide range of OSes to install on your server

Linux Dedibox distributions

We offer a broad range of GNU/Linux distributions for our dedicated servers,
together with advanced support and expertise.

Custom installation—absolutely free

All our installations include customizable partitioning with native RAID support.
You can quickly re-install your entire server yourself at any time and at no cost using our Account Management Console and remote installation software.

Dedibox recommends the last version of Ubuntu Server LTS distribution on its servers.

Microsoft® Windows® Dedibox

Pricing (monthly lease)

Microsoft® Windows Standard 2012 R2 €32.99 /month
Microsoft® Windows Datacenter 2012 R2 €219.99 /month
Microsoft® Windows Standard 2008 R2 €32.99 /month
Microsoft® Windows Datacenter 2008 R2 €219.99 /month


Our installations and Microsoft Windows licenses are offered without maintenance or technical support.


The principle of virtualization

Virtualization is a process for creating various so-called virtual servers on a physical server.

Benefits of virtualization

Virtualization delivers savings by sharing resources. Most servers use less than 15% of the available resources. Thus you can group up to five servers on a single machine.

Virtualization provides enormous flexibility for deploying and installing your servers. We recommend you use IP failover / virtual MAC addresses to deploy your virtual machines.


Our VMWare installations are offered without license, maintenance or technical support. Licenses are available seperately on the website of VMWare.


Pricing List

cPanel & WHM dedicated licenses (unlimited domains) €29.99 /month
cPanel & WHM VPS licenses (unlimited domains) €14.99 /month

Our Dedibox servers include a free 15 day trial version

Parallels Plesk® panel

Due to new commercial regulations at Plesk, we regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to provide you these licenses.

However, you can still subscribe directly via their website.