Simple and clear pricing

Cost storage 0.00000 / month
Cost of operation 0.00000
1 GB
40 TB
0 GB

Cost and Compare

Service level SLA Sustainability Guarantee Cost of storage Cost of operations Upload Download
Intensive 99.999999999% 3-6 years 0.005 Free -
per GB / month
0.000 Free - Free Free
Infrequent Access
99.999999999% 3-6 years 0.002 Free -
per GB / month
0.010 Free -
per GB
Free Free
Infrequent Access
99.99999999972% 2-10 years 0.004 Free -
per GB / month
0.025 Free -
per GB
Free Free

Simulate the cost of storage of your data

Storage Upload Download Op In Op Out Cost / Month Total cost Comparison
C14 Intensive 0.005 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free -
/ month
0.000 Free -
C14 Standard 0.002 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.010 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free -
/ month
0.000 Free -
C14 Entreprise 0.004 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.025 Free - 0.000 Free - 0.000 Free -
/ month
0.000 Free -
Conversion rate €/$ = 0.854 - Legal notice

Tools for developer

C14 provides the tools your team needs to manage your storage and backup environment


Manage your archives in seconds with an intuitive API.

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The essential tool to operate your safe-deposits and archive in the C14 cloud environment.

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What is C14?

C14 is a powerful service for data archiving & long-term backups. All the hardware has been designed in Online's labs, with one goal, provide a highly secure environment to store your data.

C14 offers a TCO lower than any other solution on the market like: entry level hard drive, tape recording, etc. and comes with a higher security and durability level.

What is the reliability of C14?

C14 is made to provide a high security and redundancy level.

The «Standard» and «Intensive» service level guarantees a durability of 99.999999999% and is ideal to store sensitive data for a period of 3 to 6 years. The «Entreprise» service level guarantees a durability of 99.99999999972% for a period of 2 to 10 years.

The durability of your data is covered by an agreement with clear guarantees and financial compensation in case of data losses.

Which kind of data can I store and how much data can I store?

You can store any kind of files: videos, backups, disaster recovery plans, documents, logs, etc.

There are no limitations on the amount of data you can store in the C14 cloud! You can create an unlimited number of safe-deposit boxes. Each safe-deposit box can store up to 4 billions files and 40TB of data.

How do you store my data?

Each archive is encrypted, replicated and distributed between 10 and up to 44 independent drives. Our storage algorithm allows us to regenerate any corrupted or lost data.

How do safe-deposit boxes work?

The safe-deposit box is a free temporary storage space that lets you to upload your files before creating an archive.

The safe-deposit box can be accessed for free using Rsync, FTP, SFTP, SCP protocols for a period of 7 days and supports up to 40TB.

After 7 days or when you archive your safe-deposit box, your data are permanently stored on C14.

When unarchiving, your data are delivered untouched, including file metadata.

How secure are my stored data?

Your data are encrypted by default with AES-256-CBC algorithm.

You are the only one to own the key of symmetric encryption, our staff can not access your data.

What is an operation?

An operation is an action between your temporary safe-deposit box and the C14 infrastructure: Archiving, Unarchiving, Destruction and Verification.

Transactions are billed according to the amount of data to be processed at a price of €0.01 / GB.

There are no operation fees with the «intensive» service level.

How much time does each operation take?

The archive operation depends of the global traffic on our infrastructure and the amount of data to be processed. It is variable and can take up to several hours.

The unarchive operation has an high priority, the average time to recover your data is approximately 2 hours.

Do you offer additional services?

  • API: An API for developers is available to automate the archival of your IT platforms on the C14 cloud.
  • Huge volumes: A technical and sales team is ready to help you in your biggest projects. Please contact our technical assistance for more information.
  • Tapes import: The «Enterprise» service level provides a data import service for tapes (DLT IV to SDLT II format, or LT01 to LT010 format) and hard drives (PATA, SATA or SAS). This service is billed 10€ pre-tax per imported media.
  • C14 Direct Connect: To ensure the maximum reliability and bandwidth, you may plug your own internet connection or private fiber optic to the C14 cloud platform from one of the many Iliad-datacenter datacenters in France and Netherlands That service is offered for free.
  • C14 stream mode: Using a specific API, you may send data in «TAR Stream» format to the C14 cloud in Flux mode without using a temporary space.

What are the specifications of each service level?

Level of service SLA Sustainability Guarantee Localisation Certifications(a)
Intensive 99.999999999% 3-6 years DC2, DC4 APSAD
Standard (Infrequent Access) 99.999999999% 3-6 years DC2, DC4 APSAD
Entreprise (Infrequent Access) 99.99999999972% 2-10 years DC4 APSAD